About me

BI & Azure Consultant

Welcome to my website! My name is Roel Pluijmen and I am a freelance Azure and Power BI Consultant.
On this page I described my skills and my experience. I am a technical specialist, but I also love to make people enthusiastic about the things I'm creating by sharing them during a presentation or a blog post.

If you wish to get in contact with me, you can send an e-mail to: roel.pluijmen@happle.it

Azure Functions, Logic Apps / Flow (3+ years)

For several customers I've implemented integration solutions. Because I have a background in software engineering, my programming skills come in very handy. When it gets too complex to create a solution in Flow / Logic apps then Function apps will almost always do the trick

Power BI (3+ years)

The best reporting tool on the market nowadays according to Gartner's magic quadrant. Microsoft never seizes to amaze me with their monthly updates and added features. You can contact me for more information about PowerBI in general and PowerBI training sessions.

Azure Data Factory (2+ years)

The orchestration of a software project in BI is one of the most important things you can imagine. Data Factory is a great tool to combine the different Azure resources together into one or more projects and to keep an eye on your pipelines.

Azure DevOps (4+ years)

Can't be overlooked in my opinion. I create GIT repositories, kanban boards and deployment pipelines when necessary

Azure Storage / Data Lake (3+ years)

Azure Datalake is something I'm really enthusiastic about. The ease of use and the way to set it up. I believe in saving all data in any form for later use. ADLS is something I tend to use in every Azure project

C# (8+ years)

I've been programming half of my life, but C# is my favorite language and VS and VS code my favorite IDE's. I love keeping up with the latest C# versions and .NET frameworks

Azure Resource Manager (2+ years)

When necessary I create an ARM template for my project. It's a great way to provision several DTAP environments or deploying configurable modules with the same code base to different customers.